Is Menu Next Door only available in London, Paris and Brussels?

Menu Next Door is growing quickly and is now available in London as well as Brussels, her periphery, and across Paris. Sign up for an account today and we'll let you know as soon as we're in your area.

Can I register to be a chef even if I'm not in Paris, Brussels or London?

Why of course! We won't change the way people eat all over the world if we don't move quickly - so register today and you'll automatically be on a list of people we reach out to as soon as we launch in your region. First come, first served :)

Who is liable if a customer suffers food poisoning?

Faced with the serious importance of safeguarding hygiene and food safety, we've put in place a series of effective rules and follow-ups to monitor the quality of meals served through Menu Next Door. In the very rare and unfortunate cases where food poisoning may occur, both consumers and chefs are covered by our partnership with Allianz, who have designed a global insurance policy specifically to suit the activity of Menu Next Door chefs.

Can I serve a menu from somewhere other than my home?

Menu Next Door is an informal, neighbourly concept. So except in rare cases such as where your own kitchen isn't quite at the right capacity but your friend's is, chefs should cook from their own home. Certainly nothing should be cooked from a restaurant.

How much can I generally expect to make in a night?

It depends of course, but chefs who have successfully built a good following on Menu Next Door can consistently earn more than €350 (revenue) in a night.

How should I welcome my customers?

Chefs generally greet the customer in their kitchen, with a drink (soft or a little stronger, up to you!) and have a chat while they hand over the food, or while the last touches are being applied to a dish. It's a special moment that makes this more than just a takeaway, and which is really rewarding for the chef to get to meet their customers!

Is it possible to offer a menu during the day?

Yes, absolutely! If you want to serve lunch you can offer just a lunch menu, or from lunch right through until the evening too. Customers can browse a special Lunch Menu category.

Do I have to offer three courses?

Absolutely not! You can offer just a main, or a starter and main, a main and a dessert or all three courses. That said, it's not possible to offer just a dessert or sweet. Yet...

How can I forecast the number of portions I'll need to cater?

It's really simple - once you're menu's online (which has to be at least four days in advance), you can see the number of orders that have been placed.
When you come to make your dishes, in most cases on the morning of the menu, check how sales are doing and then prepare for that plus a few extra. Quite a few orders get made on the day itself, with people using the site as a convenience for days they don't fancy cooking for themselves.
The most typical range is 20-40 sold portions. It's very rare that any chef is in a position to over-buy on Menu Next Door, given they can see orders in advance.
At any rate, the Menu Next Door team is here to help your first menu go nice as pie :)

What happens if some customers don't pick up their order?

That almost never happens. In the case of last-minute cancellation, it is always possible to seel the last portion on the site. But don't let that worry you - the Menu Next Door community is reliable and respectful, amongst the many reasons they use a community-spirited platform like ours in the first place. In freak circumstances where anything like a no-show causes big problems, we're there to talk it through with you.

Will people be able to rate me on the quality of my menus?

People who've ordered from you can comment and post their opinion directly on the menu page in the comments section. These points of view permit the user community to how great your food is. They are also asked to provide a rating out of five for the quality of the food and a rating out of five for hygiene.

What are the logistics regarding packaging / containers?

We provide you with a guide to help you select the most aesthetically and materially appropriate packaging for your food. This guide also has a list of known suppliers and their contact details so that you can quickly find the best packaging for your menu.

How do I set the price of my menu?

Bear in mind that Menu Next Door is about great food, great value, and community. These three things work together. You can set prices as you wish, but we have some guidelines based on experience of what works.
  • One course: €5-€9
  • Two courses: €7-€12
  • Three courses: €10-€15

We recognise that may have expensive, quality ingredients and that you will factor in the cost of your own cheffing skills and time as well. Just remember that our philosophy is that great food is for the many, not the few.

How much commission goes to Menu Next Door?

Nothing. Nada. Niente. While we are still proving our value to chefs and to foodies, we do not charge commission :)

Should I declare my revenue?

Of course, any income should be declared as an independent, entrepreneur other - this is dependent on your own circumstances. As with any income, it is usually best to check with an accountant who can ensure you pay tax in the right way, without paying more than you need to!

Can I be a Menu Next Door chef as many times as I like?

There's no limit - you can participate and be a chef as many times as you wish :)

I'm ready! How do I go ahead and offer my first menu?

Awesome! So it's really simple: sign up as a chef on the homepage, and then follow the steps to create your first menu. Then we'll be in touch to sort out the rest!

Ok, and once I've published my menu, what happens then?

We just need to validate it before it's visible to users - that is, to check that all the ingredients are listed properly, that the photos are all there, that your own profile has a photo etc. If there's anything not right, we'll be in touch immediately to get whatever's missing, and then you're all good.
We will also schedule you into one of our Onboarding Sessions; it's fundamental that you meet at least one of our team to become part of the gang before your menu goes on sale!

I don't want everyone knowing where I live. How do you protect my privacy?

We only give this information to customers after they have completed their order; it is not visible or available to anyone else.

I have a question not answered here. How can I contact you?

Just click on the question mark button, bottom-right of this screen. We're there to answer any of your questions with pleasure :)