Your welfare is the priority

When helping you find great food to eat, food safety comes above all else ; hygiene is the single highest priority at the heart of what we do.

It is because of our obsession with sharing quality, authentic, tasty food that Menu Next Door was born. All of these values are fundamentally dependent on obsessive hygiene standards in food storage, preparation and service.

To ensure we provide the best support to our chefs whilst being transparent with our users, we have put strict policies and procedures in place.

The Hygiene Guide

Each chef receives a Hygiene Guide after they sign up to Menu Next Door. We also meet all chefs in person at an onboarding session once they have registered and before they are able to sell menus online, so we know each and every member of our chef community.

In our onboarding sessions we ensure that each chef has read and understood the principles of food safety outlined in our Guide. This Guide sets out all the necessary elements to guarantee the best possible levels of food safety, with respect to cold storage, preparation, cleaning, and the food environment. Nothing is left to chance.

Apart from the initial meeting with our chefs, our team are mobilised and available at all times to answer any questions that they chefs have.

Only fresh products

40% of orders made on Menu Next Door are placed on the day the chef's menu takes place. As a result, our chefs buy the essential ingredients and raw materials freshly on the day of distribution. Equally, this helps limit mess for them and ensure they're not left with unwanted stock.

A hygiene-focused evaluation process

Who better than our users to evaluate the quality and hygiene standards of our chefs?

Menu Next Door users are demanding, and ultimately they are the ones who visit chefs' homes and kitchens when picking up their food. Having picked up and tasted our chefs' menus, they rate their experience on the site and this information is visible to other users.

The average rating our users leave is 4.92 out of 5.

Anonymous feedback

After each order, users can leave their anonymous comments via the platform. This feedback enables us to improve continuously and the Menu Next Door team pay a lot of attention to information coming in from our users. To make every Menu Next Door experience excellent, listening to our community is the most powerful tool that we possess.

Trusted chefs

Every chef has a dedicated profile page including a photo, a history of his or her menus, and the ratings each one received from customers. After each order, Menu Next Door enables you to contact the chef cooking your meal. You have their contact information - verified by our team - and don't forget that we've met all of our chefs in person at least once before they first serve up food via the site.

Exhaustive list of ingredients and allergens

All ingredients and allergens are listed for every menu on our site. Customers can directly interact with their chef to ask any questions whenever they're in doubt.

Evaluation of all menus

All our chefs have to submit their menu in advance for validation on Menu Next Door. Nothing is live on the site until all quality criteria and requirements have been met (including good quality photos of the food, a full list of ingredients and allergens, verified contact details).

Automatic transactions

All payment transactions passing through the site are 100% secure. Our system guarantees full tracability of all transactions.

Honouring the trust that you place in us.

We appreciate that when using our platform, whether you are a chef or an eater, you are placing trust in us. That's why we take the protection of your personal and financial information as seriously as we would if it were our own. We assure you that all personal and financial data you provide us is treated confidentially and securely.